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Rural Teachers

This website shines light on many wonderful projects and initiatives in rural education in British Columbia. With video documentation and resource sharing, as well as Growing Innovation in Rural Sites of Learning project information, it brings together the inventive and engaged genius of rural education as it responds to the challenges of our times in unique locations and histories…and powerfully singular and emplaced possibilities.

With the guidance of the Rural Education Advisory, “Rural Teachers” is a creature of the Rix Professorship of Rural Teacher Education at the University of British Columbia.

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Rural Education

Rural education in British Columbia is vast and diverse – and full of a diversity of historic innovation in education.


A curated collections of resources, links, documentation and more, thematically supportive of rural education’s promise.

Growing Innovation

Innovative projects in rural education in B.C. involve inquiries, new modes of engagement (of students and their communities) which create new opportunities for collaboration and learning from and with each other.

Small School Think Tank

The Small Secondary School Think is an annual event where educators from across the province come together to share ideas and collaborate on the unique challenges faced by small schools in B.C.


Video documentation is a vital part of its work of supporting innovation in rural education in B.C.  Our collection is growing!

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