39. Common Ground

District: No. 5 (Southeast Kootenay)

In Sparwood, sciences, social studies, and First Peoples curricula are explored together in this project with student identity, and diverse student identities, as a ‘common’ focus. Through tanning animal skins, and expanding the activity both out (into community) and in (as identity exploration), many purposes are being discovered and served (including creating costumes for a play and selling skins) in a context of shared inquiry that engages educational practices and communities in local histories, particularly those of the Métis and Ktunaxa peoples.

These photos are artifacts of the
fleshing stage of our deerskin tanning project.  

We are in the midst of the project right now.  (We had to delay a little so as to try and accommodate our local Métis assistant for the tanning of the deerskin.)  It has been fleshed and salted and soon goes into the acid base.

4 boys working on the deerskin
3 boys cutting the deerskin with knives
3 boys cutting the deerskin with knives
3 boys cutting the deerskin with knives
Deerskin being cut with a knife
Deerskin being peeled with the help of gloves.

Here is the Common Ground 2018-2019 final project report (opens in new tab).