40.  Take A Tree, Plant a Tree

District:  No. 5 (Southeast Kootenay)  

A multidisciplinary innovation initiative in inquiry into sustainability in Elkford, B.C., this project involves school, regional and corporate partners led by Indigenous ecological knowledge and student learning toward “many plantings of trees in our area.”

The artifacts included are pictures of the
process of building the portable nursery for growing our trees. The nurseries
were built by grade 12 students in metal work. Students were given the idea and
they designed the nurseries using recycled materials.

The second set of pictures are from a presentation given to the grade 7’s 8’s and 9’s relating to reclamation and reforestation at the mines in the Elk Valley. This presentation from environmentalists at Teck provided hands on examples of the environmental protection, collaborating with municipalities and indigenous groups, reclamation research and processes and demonstrations of practical implementation of reforestation. 

These pictures are examples of how the collaboration process has been coming together. The Sr. metal work students are constructing the nursery and the Jr. grades are learning about the reclamation. Bringing the two together will culminate in the growing of the trees. 

Some aspects have changed in the outcomes that were originally planned. The trees germinating time is longer than expected so this project has turned into a double experiment. This has the students now growing some from seed and others by taking saplings and nurturing them to be planted in the community. This will generate many different outcomes that can be observed by the students. 

First Set:

Two blue tables.
3 boys putting their hands in soil in a classroom.
Students observing a teacher with the soil
Children putting their hands in the soil.
Students  in a classroom observing a teacher with the soil in
Students in a classroom observing a woman pour water into the soil.

Second set:

Students watching a presentation in a classroom
Responsible mine closure and reclamation poster
Diagram illustrating the closure and reclamation throughout the mining life cycle.

Here is Take a Tree, Plant a Tree’s 2018-2019 final project report (opens in new tab).