50.  Capturing the Stories Using Green Screen Technology

District:  No. 8. (Kootenay Lake) 

In South Nelson, B.C., this project marries intergenerational learning and technology in student-led historical inquiry (both Indigenous and non-Indigenous) toward contributions to community self-understandings.

Initial artifacts and project documentation have been shared below!

Our inquiry started with exchanging stories with the Tlicho Dene people in Gameti, NWT. We shared introductions and maps of our community through snail mail. Both schools moved into more local exploration/collection of stories with elders around the topic of “games” old and new. Our Gameti friends shared some “Artic Winter Games” around the time of the Olympics. We shared our South Nelson “Stuffy Olympics”. We have also been working with local First Peoples and elders from our classroom community, collecting interesting stories from the past, and, playing games together. Creating short videos using green screen technology is our focus for documentation.  Expanding further into our community, we have arranged visits to Lakeview Village (assisted living for elderly). Our first visit the students shared a game they had learned and our second visit will involve interviewing elderly about games they played as children. We will use the footage from this visit to make short videos using the green screen to highlight our interviews. What we have noticed so far is the amount of time required to move our project forward. We are “madly off in all directions! It’s a rich, worthwhile, dynamic project on so many levels, connecting many great areas of learning and sharing of story. 

Denise Currie and Amy Stewart

SD8, Kootenay Lake

As its initial project artifact and documentation, and “off madly in all directions,” this project has also shared “Capturing the Stories” (PDF opens in a new window).

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Here is the Capturing the Stories 2018-2019 final project report (opens in new tab).