Teaching and Learning through Place/Land

The first session of our series Connecting Mathematics, Community and Culture. In this session four teachers share stories of math and place/land to imagine mathematics education differently. Teacher stories include the power of place and mathematical inquiry grounded outside an urban school, within a rural community, and guided by teachings of cedar on the Pacific Westcoast and taping of maple trees in eastern and western Canada.

Participating teachers include:

Kammi Clark (SD44 North Vancouver), Charli-Rae Dougherty (SD28 Quesnel), Melody Watson (SD85 Vancouver Island North), Stephanie Maki (44 North Vancouver).

Organizers include:

Leyton Schnellert (UBC), Jo-ann Archibald (UBC), Janice Novakowski (SD 38 Richmond UBC), Cynthia Nicol (UBC).

With thanks to the Edith Lando Virtual Learning Center.

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