What Counts as Primary Literacy

Faye Brownlie, Literacy and Learning Expert: Faye is a long-time advocate of inclusive classrooms where all children continue to grow as readers and writers. She believes in our collective ability to reach and teach all our learners, working collaboratively, asking questions, remembering to include passion and joy, and most importantly, teaching responsively. Faye finds great joy in working side-by-side with teachers in complex and diverse classrooms, co-planning and co-teaching. She is known as a literacy leader who puts research into manageable practice. She has co-authored many teacher resource books, the most recent with a primary focus including Student Diversity, 3rd edition, Grand Conversations, 2nd edition and Learning in Safe Schools, 2nd edition.

Harpreet Esmail, Early Learning Coordinator SD43: With years of experience as a Kindergarten and Grade 1/2 teacher, Harpreet Esmail is the Early Learning Curriculum Coordinator for School District 43 (Coquitlam). Her passion for early years pedagogy affords her the opportunity to facilitate, coordinate and promote professional learning opportunities for educators exploring inclusive practices that meet the needs of early learners.

Charmaine Shortt, SD61 District Principal Early Learning & Childcare: In the midst of her upbringing, Charmaine was unaware that she was living an unconventional childhood, nor did she realize how profoundly her early years would impact the work she does today. It was through books, TV, and early classroom experiences, that she realized how different her world was from that portrayed around her. Charmaine’s career as a teacher, facilitator, and district administrator as well as her post graduate studies and research in social & emotional leadership, have been guided by the imprints of her 5-year-old self. Equitable and engaging learning for all can be achieved in classroom environments where each child recognizes and internalizes that they belong and that their entirety is welcome and represented at school.

With thanks to the Edith Lando Virtual Learning Centre.

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