18. Community Outdoor Education

District: No. 50 (Haida Gwaii)

By focusing on student interactions, community involvement and environmental learning, this project investigates effects on school culture and the larger community, and new forms of learning from year-long and school-wide outdoor education.

From the Haida Gwaii project, run by Leighann Rodger, we have a nice collection of images!

As part of the school-wide outdoor education program, students receive paddle board instruction from Shelly, who is also SD#50 Human Resources Director and community volunteer:

Students receiving paddle board instruction from Shelly.

The school wide program engages parents, members of the PAC, volunteers and other community members in joining the students. Today, 18 adults were present for the day, along with toddlers:

Adults and toddlers gathered for paddle boating.

The lesson pays off and a group of students enjoy a beautiful day in a calm bay:

Group of students paddle boating

One of the parents lit a fire, while members of the PAC made lunch for students, parents and volunteers:


Groups of students enjoyed exploring a cave, complete with fossils, and a remnant from WWII:

Students observing fossils in a cave

At George M Dawson Secondary School in Masset, teacher Daniel Schulbeck runs an outdoor classroom. Here he is with the Garden House, translated from the Haida language::

Daniel Schulbeck standing in front of the Garden House.

The greenhouse also benefits from a composting initiative supported by the Coop Grocery store and operated by students in the Outdoor classroom program:

Plants in the greenhouse

Spinach, one of many plants started inside the school before transplanting in the greenhouse:

Spinach plants

As part of the project, the students keep chickens in the greenhouse for eggs and food:


Haida art adorns the walls at George M. Dawson SS:

Haida art on the wall
Welcome to Masset sign