Gatherings and Symposia Videos

Growing Innovation Rural Schools Symposium 2017

With the support of the UBC Rix Professorship of Rural Teacher Education and the BC Ministry of Education, since 2012 Growing Innovation has been able to hold a symposium in the springtime where project leaders can come together to share with each other about their projects. The Rural Schools Symposium is invariably an important experience […]

Growing Innovation Symposium 2018 – 1

The 2018 Growing Innovation Symposium saw so much generative interaction it was hard to edit its documentation. Because of this, we’ve broken it down and selected three narratives emerging from answers to the three questions we asked. First: What is most important in your experience of Growing Innovation?

Growing Innovation Symposium 2018 – 2

Next: If Growing Innovation has promise for you and for your community, how is it also important to education itself?

Growing Innovation Symposium 2018 – 3

And finally: What do people need to know about Growing Innovation?