34. Community & School Improvement

District: No. 6 (Rocky Mountain)

Through a concerted effort to increase capacity for collaboration and collegiality through inquiry, this project seeks to “challenge foundational understanding” to move thinking forward toward changes to high school programming. Including participation of students and community mentors, the PLC expects to propose a new model of high school education that deploys and values “genuine thinking” through a shared commitment to collaborative inquiry, interdisciplinary learning, place-consciousness, pedagogical innovation and competency-based learning. Moving forward, this project strives “to create space for interests and passions within cycles of inquiry, fostering connections and collaboration within the group and with mentors in the community” where curricular subject integration is explored as a “missing element” toward “alternative artistic mediums allowing more creative expression” for students. The project continues in efforts to foster deeper connections among community and school, creating lasting relationships and a greater sense of belonging (in both school and community) to further joint projects focused on innovation, the arts and sustainability within the community.

As a project artifact for 2019, this project has shared a sample of student art and its connections with its inquiry journey (PDF opens in a new window).

From the 2019 Rural Schools Symposium, we are grateful to be able to share this project’s presentation (.pptx opens in new window)

Here is the Arts Integration 2018-2019 final project report (opens in new window).

More Connections Through Art were presented from this fine project at the 2020 Rural Schools Symposium (.pdf opens in new window)

In aims of “Bring Artistic Expression into Unexpected Spaces and Places” considering “Unmined Connections,” this durable and evolving project was shared with great feeling in its 2021 Rural Schools Symposium Presentation (.pdf opens in new window)