Indigenous Education

Indigenous Storywork and Math Education

Participating teachers include: Joy Fast (SD37 Delta), Jen Whiffin (SD43 Coquitlam), Sandra Fox (SD39 Vancouver), Leighann Rodger (SD50 Haida Gwaii), Cynthia Nicol (UBC), Jo-Ann Archibald (UBC), Joanne Yovanovich (SD50 Haida Gwaii), Janice Novakowski (SD38 & UBC) Organizers include: Leyton Schnellert (UBC), Jo-ann Archibald (UBC), Janice Novakowski (SD 38 Richmond UBC), Cynthia Nicol (UBC). With Thanks […]

Language & Culture

Knowledge is developed in historical and cultural contexts where past, present and future are all connected. Indigenous people make sense of the world through stories, traditions, and values that are carried through the generations. As educators, we seek to honour and provide opportunities for connection and story. This requires an understanding of the diversity of […]

Land as Teacher

The worldview of Indigenous peoples is deeply connected to land. Land and place are seen as multidimensional and a source of knowledge including rich and precise knowledge of local ecosystems. Land is much more than a physical marker, a geographical location, or a landscape. Land and place encompass spiritual and emotional sensibilities.  “All my elders […]

Reciprocity, Responsibility, Relationships

To live in balance and harmony with others and the natural world around requires reciprocity and responsibility. Educators can demonstrate these values in their teaching, interactions with students, families, and communities, and caring for the natural world.   What is Reciprocity? What is Responsibility? What is Relationship? What does it mean to teach within these […]


“The Truth About Stories is that is all we are” Thomas King “All that we are is story. From the moment we are born to the time we continue on our spirit journey, we are involved in the creation of the story of our time here. It is what we arrive with. It is all […]

Indigenous Ways of Knowing, Being, & Doing

As educators, we have a responsibility to ensure the Aboriginal/Indigenous histories, perspectives, and worldviews are accurately and respectfully conveyed to all learners. We must consider how Indigenous content and perspectives are taken up in areas of the curriculum, as well as how teaching through Indigenous ways of Knowing can be done in the school setting, and […]