Supportive Learning Communities

Student Teacher Relationships

Positive student-teacher relationships are integral to students’ social and academic lives (Hamre & Pianta, 2010). Students with caring, positive relationships with their teachers have been shown to have better well-being (Braun et al., 2019), increased prosocial behaviours (Wentzel, 2002), and more engagement and success in school (Engels et al., 2016). Many things can contribute to […]

Peer Relationships

Positive peer relationships are associated with academic achievement, sense of connection to school and overall health and well-being (Juvonen, Espinoza & Knifsend, 2012; Ladd, Kochenderfer & Coleman, 1997; Li, Doyle Lynch, Liu & Lerner, 2011). There are many ways to foster positive peer relationships in the classroom through various strategies, routines and learning experiences. Here, […]

Nurturing Positive Relationships

Nurturing positive relationships is a key component of cultivating a caring community of learners. We are social beings by nature and long to experience a sense of connection and belonging. It only makes sense that we should aim to establish positive relationships in our classrooms because this is where students and educators spend so much […]